Mons Mens Tech Bike Sock 2.0

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It's the little things that make a difference.

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It’s the little things that make a difference. Engineered for high performance and comfort these ultra slim socks are made left and right specific to fit precisely.

-Blended merino yarn is light, durable and temperature regulating
-6? Crew Sock
-Lightly cushioned foot bed
-Arch support
-Breathable mesh panels
-Non slip folded rib band
-Seamless toe box prevents blisters.

Product Information

Pa_colourPa_sizeProduct SKUManufacturer NumberStock LevelPriceSale Price
BlackS9420057423286100197-1056-001-SOut of stock $25-
BlackM9420057423293100197-1056-001-MOut of stock $25-
BlackL9420057423309100197-1056-001-LOut of stock $25-
Oily-blueS9420057423316100197-1056-459-SOut of stock $25-
Orange-smashS9420057443253100197-1056-122-SOut of stock $25-
Oily-blueM9420057423323100197-1056-459-MOut of stock $25-
Orange-smashM9420057443260100197-1056-122-MOut of stock $25-
Oily-blueL9420057423330100197-1056-459-LOut of stock $25-
Orange-smashL9420057437160100197-1056-122-LOut of stock $25-
OliveS9420057443277100197-1056-306-SOut of stock $25-
OliveM9420057443284100197-1056-306-MOut of stock $25-
OliveL9420057437177100197-1056-306-LOut of stock $25-
Black-grey-2S9420057443390100206-1056-063-SOut of stock $25-
Black-grey-2M9420057437207100206-1056-063-MOut of stock $25-
Black-grey-2L9420057443406100206-1056-063-LOut of stock $25-
Punk-babyS9420057443413100206-1056-139-SOut of stock $25-
Punk-babyM9420057437214100206-1056-139-MOut of stock $25-
Punk-babyL9420057443420100206-1056-139-LOut of stock $25-
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