Sombrio Ridgeline Jersey

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Set your sights and go play.

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Set your sights and go play. Featuring Chill Mesh fabric and a xylotol treatment that cools when it contacts your sweat, this shirt lets you air it out lap after lap. Features:-4-way stretch polyester with Chill Mesh panels for cool comfort. -1/4 front zip for additional cooling. -1 zippered pocket out back. -Drop back hem. -Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, turn garment inside out, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron. -Slim fit.

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Green-grizzly-camoXs674475087325B592030M2VA1Out of stock $75-
Green-grizzly-camoS674475087332B592030M2VA2Out of stock $75-
Green-grizzly-camoM674475087349B592030M2VA3Out of stock $75-
Green-grizzly-camoL674475087356B592030M2VA4Out of stock $75-
Green-grizzly-camoXl674475087363B592030M2VA5Out of stock $75-
Grey-tie-dyeXs674475087370B592030M2XG1Out of stock $75-
Grey-tie-dyeS674475087387B592030M2XG2Out of stock $75-
Grey-tie-dyeM674475087394B592030M2XG3In stock $75-
Grey-tie-dyeL674475087400B592030M2XG4In stock $75-
Grey-tie-dyeXl674475087417B592030M2XG5Out of stock $75-
XsHeather-charcoal674475091025B592030M 4DD XSOut of stock $80-
XsGrey-bark674475091070B592030M 4PD XSOut of stock $80-
XlHeather-charcoal674475091063B592030M 4DD XLOut of stock $80-
XlGrey-bark674475091117B592030M 4PD XLOut of stock $80-
SHeather-charcoal674475091032B592030M 4DD SOnly 1 left in stock $80-
SGrey-bark674475091087B592030M 4PD SOut of stock $80-
MHeather-charcoal674475091049B592030M 4DD MOut of stock $80-
MGrey-bark674475091094B592030M 4PD MOut of stock $80-
LHeather-charcoal674475091056B592030M 4DD LOut of stock $80-
LGrey-bark674475091100B592030M 4PD LOut of stock $80-
Grey-melangeXs674475081125B592030MGML1Out of stock $75-
Grey-melangeS674475081132B592030MGML2Out of stock $75-
Grey-melangeM674475081149B592030MGML3Out of stock $75-
Grey-melangeL674475081156B592030MGML4Out of stock $75-
Grey-melangeXl674475081163B592030MGML5Only 1 left in stock $75-
Surf-blueXs674475081170B592030MSBL1Out of stock $75-
Surf-blueS674475081187B592030MSBL2Out of stock $75-
Surf-blueM674475081194B592030MSBL3Out of stock $75-
Surf-blueL674475081200B592030MSBL4Out of stock $75-
Surf-blueXl674475081217B592030MSBL5Out of stock $75-
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