TRP G-Spec DH7 Kit


TRPs new DH7 rear derailleur brings a new feature to racing.

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TRPs new DH7 rear derailleur brings a new feature to racing. TRP worked closely with Aaron Gwin and his mechanic John Hall to build an advanced DH derailleur. The derailleur is true G-Spec, utilizing carbon fiber for the outer parallelogram link and pulley cage; offering an adjustable Ratchet Clutch; and adding features born from competition; the Hall Lock, a B-Knuckle lock that reduces noise and increases shifting stability.


  • Hall Lock
  • G-Spec Adjustable Ratchet Clutch
  • G-Spec finishing touches:
  • – Carbon fiber upper link and pulley cage
  • – Extra-wide parallelogram architecture
  • – Sealed cartridge bearing pulleys



TRPs new DH7 shifter is molded from carbon fiber and features TRPs linear release action for upshifting to higher gears. This unique ergonomic and mechanism allows the cable release lever to more closely mimic the motion of a riders thumb producing super-fast and super-precise shifts out of the starting gate, while maintaining a tight grip on the handlebar.



  • Shift levers designed and located for optimum performance by Aaron Gwin
  • Embossed grooves on advance and release levers for enhanced grip & tactile feel
  • Carbon fiber upper housing & advance lever
  • Ball bearing equipped internal mechanism
  • 7 speed
  • Tool-free straight lace cable changes
  • Rider adjustable home position of the advance lever with a 40-degree range
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