Rockshox Fork Dust/Oil Seal Kits

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Genuine Rockshox seal kits.

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Genuine Rockshox seal kits.

  • 32mm Old & 32mm Updated – for Argyle, Boxxer (pre-2009), Pike, Reba, Recon, Revelation, Tora
    • 32mm Kit SRAM# 11.4308.850.000
    • 32mm Updated SRAM# 11.4310.290.000
  • 35mm SKF dust seal kit for 35 Gold, Domain, Lyrik, Boxxer
    • SRAM# 11.4018.028.013

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32mm-old171084530446011.4308.850.000In stock $38-
32mm-updated710845307317Out of stock $21-
35mm-skf710845777585Out of stock $26-
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