X-Fusion Shock Service Parts

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X-fusion suspension seal kits and service parts.

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X-fusion suspension seal kits and service parts.

X-Fusion O2 Rear Shock Air Seal for model year 2011 to current – 42-XRKAR-101 /?42-O2 Air-101

X-Fusion Vector Rear Shock Air Seal – 42-VTAIR-AIR-201

X-Fusion 36mm Lower Leg/Casting Seal Kit -42-XFKVG00-LEG-301 /?42-SSFVGOO-LEG-301 ?

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Pa_type_Product SKUManufacturer NumberStock LevelPriceSale Price
02-series-air-seal-kit-201181602201210142-O2 Air-101Out of stock $23-
Vector-rear-shock-air-seal81602201465542-VTAIR Air 201Only 1 left in stock $23-
36mm-fork-seal-kit85687500292842-SSFVGOO-LEG-301Out of stock $26-
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