DT Swiss Champ Spoke Jbend 2.0mm

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The different available diameters allow for a wide range of uses: in its 1.

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The different available diameters allow for a wide range of uses: in its 1.8 mm version the DT Champion shines in road or light off-road uses, The 2.0 mm option covers the whole spectrum from reliable road wheels to MTB-Gravity wheels. Finally, the 2.34 mm DT Champion is perfectly suited to the big loads occurring in high performance e-bike and tandems wheels. Weight: from 359 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm.

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Pa_sizePa_colourProduct SKUManufacturer NumberStock LevelPriceSale Price
258Silver624316007838DT-SCH20258N1Out of stock $0.71-
260Silver624316007845DT-SCH20260N1Out of stock $0.71-
262Silver624316007852DT-SCH20262N1Out of stock $0.71-
264Silver624316007869DT-SCH20264N1Out of stock $0.71-
266Silver624316007876DT-SCH20266N1Out of stock $0.71-
268Silver624316007883DT-SCH20268N1Out of stock $0.71-
270Silver613052011790DT-SCH20270N1In stock $0.71-
272Silver624316007906DT-SCH20272N1In stock $0.71-
274Silver624316007913DT-SCH20274N1Out of stock $0.71-
276Silver624316007920DT-SCH20276N1Out of stock $0.71-
278Silver624316007937DT-SCH20278N1Out of stock $0.71-
280Silver624316007944DT-SCH20280N1Out of stock $0.71-
282Silver624316007951DT-SCH20282N1Out of stock $0.71-
284Silver624316007968DT-SCH20284N1Out of stock $0.71-
286Silver624316007975DT-SCH20286N1Out of stock $0.71-
288Silver624316007982DT-SCH20288N1Out of stock $0.71-
290Silver624316007999DT-SCH20290N1Out of stock $0.71-
292Silver624316008002DT-SCH20292N1Out of stock $0.71-
294Silver624316008019DT-SCH20294N1Out of stock $0.71-
296Silver624316008026DT-SCH20296N1Out of stock $0.71-
298Silver624316008033DT-SCH20298N1Out of stock $0.71-
300Silver624316008040DT-SCH20300N1Out of stock $0.71-
302Silver624316008057DT-SCH20302N1Out of stock $0.71-
252Black624316010333DT-SCH20252S72In stock $1.16-
254Black624316010340DT-SCH20254S72In stock $1.16-
256Black624316010388DT-SCH20256S72In stock $1.16-
258Black624316010395DT-SCH20258S72Out of stock $1.16-
260Black624316010401DT-SCH20260S72Only 1 left in stock $1.16-
262Black624316010418DT-SCH20262S72In stock $1.16-
264Black624316010425DT-SCH20264S72In stock $1.16-
266Black624316010432DT-SCH20266S72In stock $1.16-
268Black624316010449DT-SCH20268S72In stock $1.16-
270Black624316010821DT-SCH20270S72In stock $1.16-
272Black7613052267715DT-SCH20272S72In stock $1.16-
274Black7613052267739DT-SCH20274S72In stock $1.16-
276Black7613052267753DT-SCH20276S72In stock $1.16-
278Black624316011217DT-SCH20278S72In stock $1.16-
280Black624316011248DT-SCH20280S72In stock $1.16-
282Black624316011262DT-SCH20282S72Out of stock $1.16-
284Black624316011286DT-SCH20284S72Out of stock $1.16-
286Black624316011309DT-SCH20286S72Out of stock $1.16-
288Black624316011330DT-SCH20288S72Out of stock $1.16-
290Black624316011354DT-SCH20290S72In stock $1.16-
292Black624316011361DT-SCH20292S72In stock $1.16-
294Black7613052267913DT-SCH20294S72In stock $1.16-
296Black7613052267937DT-SCH20296S72In stock $1.16-
298Black624316048022DT-SCH20298S72In stock $1.16-
300Black624316048039DT-SCH20300S72In stock $1.16-
302Black624316011477DT-SCH20302S72Out of stock $1.16-
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