ARU Skills Clinics

A series of mountain bike skills clinics built to increase confidence out on the trails and connect our riding community. Welcome to the Arbutus Routes University.

If the clinics appear full and you’re keen to join us, please get in touch at where we will do our best to fulfil your request and get you out on the trails with us.

Join us for the ARU Mountain Bike Clinics where our team of industry leading instructors deliver our set lesson modules throughout summer. These clinics take aim at introducing what we believe to be the key ingredients for enjoying your riding more. The focus is on relaxed fun with great instruction thrown in.

Single Sessions

Book as you go. Start with a free of charge Fundamental 101 session then add progression level clinics for further development. The availability for our Fundamental Clinics will be released 1 week prior to each session to open up opportunities to join us all summer long. You are able to book our Progression sessions at any point.


Who are these skills clinics suited for?

We have designed these mountain bike skills clinics to support the progression of the beginner to intermediate level rider in a fun and safe environment. These clinics are also a great opportunity to meet more riding partners.

Free Fundamental sessions 101

We offer our fundamental 101 mountain bike skills clinics for FREE where our goal is to improve your riding and having more fun than ever. These 101 lessons introduce you to fundamental skills in a group setting.

Tech + Trail

T&T 101: Tech & Trail Core. (Able to ride a bike on a rough surface)

Who: For beginner or intermediate riders whose body position isn’t stable on descents. This could be anyone looking for key skills to starting riding a bike park.
We cover: Body positioning, Braking and Cornering while descending.

Air + Flair

A&F 101: Core Skills (req. Ability to ride in a centred position while descending on green to blue trails )

Who: For riders looking to get off the ground or to become more dynamic on the bike allowing more enjoyment on every trail.
We cover: The first components of getting air and adding flow through exercises in pressure and timing.

Progression sessions 201-401

All our progression sessions clinics are $49 per session. Take a deeper dive into any of the particular areas as our coaches work closely with you to foster skill progression.

Tech + Trail

Who: For riders looking to corner with more consistency and flow by improving their stability and traction.
We cover: Cornering progression through body positioning and vision.

Who: Riders wanting to learn how to manage natural features. Looking to move through technical terrain more smoothly.
We cover: Braking variations, Body positioning.

Who: Intermediate riders finding it difficult to balance on steeper trails who may struggle to control speed on steeper sections of trail or skid under heavy braking in technical terrain.
We cover: Advanced Braking, Technical Climbing.

Air + Flair

Who: Riders wanting to learn the different techniques for executing drops consistently.
We cover: The components of riding drops.

Who: For any rider wanting to develop a consistent approach to getting air and understanding how to control shape and amplitude.
We cover: The formula for jumping and having more fun.

Who: For riders looking to add Jumps and drop techniques into your favourite trails.
We cover: Manoeuvres, line choice and timing to increase flow, style and fun in trail.

ARU Skills Clinics Pricing

Clinic OnlyClinic & Rental
ARU Clinic
2hr session
Trish riding Numby Trail in Whistler BC

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