Alastair Adams

Operations Manager

Born on the edge of the peak district in the UK, Ali first enjoyed mountain biking in his teenage years around the Derbyshire area with a group of friends not afraid to ride all day and get up to as much mischief as those mid 90’s bikes could take. Two wheels took a back seat for a while as he studied and travelled in his early twenties, but since becoming a full time guide in 2007 the bike has been the mainstay of his personal and professional life. As his passion for the sport grew so did his ambition to deliver great biking experiences. Ali has been involved with the training and development of several bike centres and guide programs. To help with this ambition Ali has his CTC Technical Leader, IDP level 2, PMBI lvl2 and 80hr OFA.  Ali also draws on his coaching experience as a CASI lvl 2 Snowboard Instructor and Senior Windsurf instructor. Life as a guide saw Ali work in a whole host of epic Euro destinations but BC is now very much home and with a never ending network of trails, this is the place he is most excited to share.

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