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Rockshox 200 Hours Service Kits


200 HOUR/1 year service kit.


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200 HOUR/1 year service kit.

All RockShox forks require regular service and maintenance to keep them performing in top condition
Individual model-specific kits include all the wear and tear small parts needed to improve ride feel, performance, and durability

Zeb R / Select DPA (A1/2021):

  • Dust seals
  • Foam rings
  • O-ring seals
  • CHRC damper sealhead
  • Dual position air (silver) sealhead

Zeb Select+ / Ultimate (A1/2021):

  • Dust seals,
  • Foam rings and o-ring seals,
  • Charger2 damper sealhead,
  • Debonair sealhead

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Zeb-select-ultimate-a1-2021710845862458In stock $123.99$99-

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