Fox Steel Spring


Fox standard steel rear shock spring.

$50.00 / each

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Fox standard steel rear shock spring.

All standard steel springs are black and are marked with their spring rate in lbs/in (in 50 lb increments) and the total travel of the spring itself. Standard black springs should only be paired with shocks having less travel than the travel marked on the spring itself
NOTE: Spring TLG (Total Length) listed is an average of a sample of springs. Your spring’s TLG may vary beyond the dimensions listed

Product Information

Type_Product SKUStock LevelPriceSale PriceManufacturer Number (MPN)
5-799-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-350-lbs-in-2-800-travel611056174968In stock $50--
5-459-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-400-lbs-in-2-800-travel611056174975In stock $50--
6-126-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-600-lbs-in-2-550-travel611056175002In stock $50--
4-344-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-300-lbs-in-2-500-travel611056175064Only 1 left in stock $50--
6-126-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-300-lbs-in-3-240-travel611056174951In stock $50--
5-409-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-450-lbs-in-2-800-travel611056174982In stock $50--
5-701-tlg-x-1-385-id-x-700-lbs-in-2-550-travel611056175033Only 1 left in stock $50--

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