Fox Steel Spring


Fox standard steel rear shock spring.

$50.00 / each

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Fox standard steel rear shock spring.

Product Information

Pa_weightPa_travelProduct SKUManufacturer NumberStock LevelPriceSale Price
300-lbs-in3-25624316907657039-09-000Out of stock $50-
350-lbs-in2-8039-03-001039-03-001Out of stock $50-
350-lbs-in3-25624316907664039-09-001Out of stock $50-
400-lbs-in3-25624316907671039-09-002Out of stock $50-
400-lbs-in2-8039-03-002039-03-0022 in stock in Whistler $50-
450lbs-in2-8611056174982039-03-0034 in stock in Whistler $50-
450-lbs-in3-25624316907688039-09-003Out of stock $50-
500-lbs-in2-8039-03-004039-03-0041 in stock in Whistler $50-
500-lbs-in3-25624316907695039-09-004Out of stock $50-
500-lbs-in3-64039-12-007Out of stock $50-
550-lbs-in2-8039-00-600039-03-0051 in stock in Whistler $50-
550-lbs-in3-25624316907701039-09-005Out of stock $50-
600-lbs-in2-8611056175019039-03-0072 in stock in Whistler $50-
600-lbs-in2-55039-03-0066039-03-0064 in stock in Whistler $50-
600-lbs-in3-25624316907718039-09-006Out of stock $50-
650-lbs-in2-8039-03-008Out of stock $50-
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