DT Swiss Comp Spoke Straight 2.0/1.8/2.0mm

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This is one of the most versatile spokes in the DT Swiss spoke range.

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This is one of the most versatile spokes in the DT Swiss spoke range. DT Competition gets its special strength from cold forging. This makes it not only extremely durable but thanks to the thinner middle section, it is 48 g lighter than a spoke with a constant diameter of 1.8 mm. The balanced relation between strength and weight of its 2.0 mm counterpart allows for a wide range of uses, from road wheels to super-light Enduro MTB wheels. Weight: from 311 g for 64 spokes at a length of 264 mm

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262Black624316015628DT-SCOS20262S20Out of stock $2.7-
264Black624316015635DT-SCOS20264S20Out of stock $1.6-
266Black624316015642DT-SCOS20266S20In stock $1.6-
268Black624316015659DT-SCOS20268S20In stock $1.6-
270Black624316015666DT-SCOS20270S20In stock $1.6-
272Black624316015673DT-SCOS20272S20Out of stock $1.6-
274Black624316015680DT-SCOS20274S20Out of stock $1.6-
276Black624316015697DT-SCOS20276S20In stock $1.6-
278Black624316015703DT-SCOS20278S20In stock $1.6-
280Black624316015710DT-SCOS20280S20Out of stock $1.6-
282Black624316015727DT-SCOS20282S20Out of stock $1.6-
284Black624316015734DT-SCOS20284S20Out of stock $1.6-
286Black624316015741DT-SCOS20286S20Out of stock $1.6-
288Black624316015758DT-SCOS20288S20Out of stock $1.6-
290Black624316015765DT-SCOS20290S20In stock $1.6-
292Black624316015772DT-SCOS20292S20Out of stock $1.6-
294Black624316015789DT-SCOS20294S20In stock $1.6-
296Black624316015796DT-SCOS20296S20In stock $1.6-
298Black624316015802DT-SCOS20298S20In stock $1.6-
300Black624316015819DT-SCOS20300S20Out of stock $1.6-
260Black7613052035093In stock $1.6-
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