Yeti Enduro Glove

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You know its legit when Richie F?ing Rude uses it.

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You know its legit when Richie F?ing Rude uses it. Welcome in, the Yeti Enduro Glove. Bombproof leather palms and breathable, barely-there feel means this is the glove you want to wear when you don?t want to wear gloves. Don?t worry, the touch screen compatible fingertips mean you can post your podium topping run as soon as you’re finished.


  • Ultra-lightweight, ventilated stretch mesh back of hand
  • Durable sublimated graphics
  • AX Suede stretch synthetic leather palm
  • Touch screen compatible data tip finger
  • Suede thumb backs for nose wipes
  • Slip on fit
  • 84% Polyester, 16% Spandex

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