Fox SLS Rear Shock Spring


SLS (Super Light Steel) springs are now available from FOX for DHX and VAN rear shocks.

$229.00 / each

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SLS (Super Light Steel) springs are now available from FOX for DHX and VAN rear shocks. These SLS springs are a lighter weight steel spring option offered in addition to our standard steel springs. The new SLS springs from FOX are lighter than titanium springs at more affordable prices. A proprietary surface treatment and stress relief process removes residual stresses from the spring, allowing them to withstand higher stresses. Each spring is optimized by using a smaller wire diameter and fewer coils, creating a lighter spring.

Product Information

Pa_weightPa_travelProduct SKUManufacturer NumberStock LevelPriceSale Price
375-lbs-in2-9624316589914FX-039-94-003Out of stock $229-
400-lbs-in2-751010277FX-039-94-004Out of stock $229-
450-lbs-in2-75039-94-006039-94-006Out of stock $229-
500lbs-in2-751010480039-94-008Out of stock $229-
450-lbs-in2-91010609Out of stock $229-
550-lbs-in2-9033-22-037Out of stock $229-
550-lbs-in2-65-67mm033-22-024Out of stock $229-
500lbs-in2-9033-22-036Out of stock $229-
475-lbs-in2-9033-22-035Out of stock $229-
425-lbs-in2-9033-22-033Out of stock $229-
400-lbs-in2-403322004Out of stock $229-
350-lbs-in2-65-67mm03322017Out of stock $229-
400-lbs-in2-91014214Out of stock $229-
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